How to Make Money from Blogging

Earning an income blogging can really be a dream life. Think about it. You get to write on something you’re passionate about, you work on your own time and answer to no one.

Although blogging for profit will require considerable time and energy, it can be well worth it. Here’s how to get started!

1. Pick Your Niche

In order to start your monetized blog, you’ll have to pick a good niche. Your blog needs to be specific enough to attract a specialized audience, but broad enough that you can keep content coming week after week.

Not All Niches Are Created Equal

You may be very passionate about blues music or conceptual art, but did you know that those niches are actually some of the least profitable? If you really want to make an income blogging, try going into niches with more potential, like personal finance, health and beauty or pets.

2. Produce Quality Content

Spend time on your blog posts. Make them appealing, make them flow well, take the time to choose the perfect image to illustrate them with.

The quality of the content you produce will really impact on your ability to generate an income from blogging. User experience should always be the number one priority if you want consistent success.

3. Be Consistent

Blogging is all about discipline. It’s easy enough to start a blog, but can you keep on producing blog content day after day for 6 months, a year?

By blogging consistently, you’re encouraging your audience to respect you as an established blogger and as an authority in your field. This is how you build loyalty and is one of the key ways to build traffic to your site.

But it is also advisable to only blog as often as you are able to produce high quality content. Each post is competing for traffic and attention with the rest of what’s available on the internet.

4. Look for Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Finally, you’ll want to look into different avenues to make money from your blog. Here are some of the many ways that you may want to explore.


You could make a lot of money with a blog simply by running ads on it. As your blog gets more established, you may even be able to score very high-paying sponsorships with big brands. Just be careful that your ads don’t get in the way of user experience—this is the easiest way to lose readers.


Once you’ve established yourself as an authority in your field, you can leverage this to sell coaching sessions. Whether your blog is all about growing orchids, losing weight or training your dog, you can make money by coaching people through Skype, phone or in real life.


One of the most popular ways to make money from blogging is to use your blog to sell a product. That product may be an e-book you wrote, t-shirts, an online course, personalized mugs, or really anything you can think of! As you get to know your audience, it will get easier and easier to assess what their needs might be and to create a product they want to buy.

And Be Persistent

Making money blogging can take some time. Don’t expect to generate an income after only a few weeks or months. But if you focus on content, on consistency, and if you pick the right ways to monetize your blog, you may well become a professional blogger.