Alternative Jobs for Teachers

Teachers don’t have to limit their career and job options to just working in a traditional setting – inside a classroom – to have an impact in the education industry. There are a lot of education-related occupations waiting to be explored and here are some of those you might consider.

With teaching being one of the most popular majors, and high burnout rates after college, keeping your options open is important and a legitimate consideration for many teachers.

1. Sales Reps

Everyone from insurance agencies to pharmaceutical companies could benefit from hiring teachers. Teachers have the skills to encourage excitement and be influential, while educating people. These are very important qualities for becoming a successful sales rep.

2. Testing Companies

Companies that focus on creating tests heavily rely on teachers for question creation. Thus, teachers can take advantage of this. They can use their expertise to create tests specifically made for a certain grade level, depending on their experience and skills.

3. Training Companies

There are plenty of training companies contracted by corporations that prefer hiring trained teachers. They believe the ability of these teaching professionals to teach in the classroom can be very beneficial in a boardroom setting as well (Train Smart).

4. Publishing Companies

For teachers who love to edit or write, publishing companies can be one of the best career choices outside the classroom. There are a lot of textbook publishing companies that prefer hiring educators over other professionals. Teachers can also become writers themselves (e.g. Melina Marchetta, a former secondary teacher who wrote Looking for Alibrandi).

5. Education Program Director

Many teachers may assume that they don’t have the capability to become education directors. What they may be unaware of is that most museums, cruise ships, zoos, resorts, and historic park programs have directors who used to be teachers. These people have the ability to create programs ideal for school-age children. Also be aware that you’re learning management and administration skills everyday that you organize, handle and report on a class of children.

6. Freelance Editor

Teachers who consider themselves as someone who pay a lot of attention to details should try applying as a freelance editor for local printers, print companies and alike.

7. Content Creator

For those who enjoy creating curriculum and love to design printables, there are plenty of online options that allow teachers to showcase their skills. Likewise, they can also consider starting their own blog or website.

8. Tutoring

As a teacher, starting an own private practice or applying at a local or national tutoring company can be ideal. The demand for these services are usually after school hours, but there are some tutoring companies that are in need of tutors even during school days.

9. Virtual Teachers

Although teaching online can be as challenging as teaching inside the classroom, this is one of the options that’s worth considering. A lot of cyber schools has state charters that offer free public education to kids.

10. Real Estate Agents

In order to become a teacher, it’s important to be a good listener as well. This comes in handy when helping people find and buy a house. Those who enjoy working with people, and the challenge of helping someone find the perfect home should take real estate classes and become real estate agents.

11. Party Planning

If decorating and planning are some of your favorite parts about teaching, then being a party planner may be ideal. Planning parties for children would allow a teacher to incorporate all the organizational skills, enthusiasm, and creativity in one job.

Online Study for a Career Switch

If you are busy, which most qualified teachers are in one way or another, online training is an increasingly popular path for switching careers. The big advantage is that no travel is required, no matter where the course provider is based.

If you haven’t studied for a while, here are some tips for successfully returning to being a student: What You Should Know About Going Back Into Education.

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