Top 5 Online Resources for Teachers

Technology and school education enjoy a symbiotic relationship and, as a teacher, it is imperative to have a tech tool that makes the job easier for you and your students. Here, we have compiled a list of the top 5 online resources for teachers that can enhance one’s professional work, experience, career opportunities and confidence.

1. Theme Spark

Theme Spark is a free web-based teacher tool designed by former teacher David Hunter. It works on most devices and browsers. Teachers can use this online tool to create standards aligned rubrics and curriculum. Teachers can also build a standards-based rubric with ThemeSpark in under a minute and standards-based lesson in as little as 5 minutes.

The ThemeSpark rubric maker was created to help teachers do their daily work more efficiently, quickly and easily. Available standards under the ThemeSpark online resource for teachers include Art National Core Anchor Standards, Math K-12 Common Core, 21st Century Skills, Science K-12 Next Generation, Language Arts K-12 Common Core and Social Studies K-12 C3 Standards.

2. cK-12

cK-12 is an online platform for teachers that provides information on various subjects and disciplines. It aims to give teachers a great platform that they can use to tailor their individual lessons and teach at their own pace.

cK-12 contains a wide range of resources from calculus to elementary principles and science categories such as physics, Earth science, chemistry and biology. In addition, it includes a FlexBook feature that enables teachers to put together various chapters from textbooks in any of the subjects to develop customized lesson plans.

3. Busy Teacher Cafe

Busy Teacher Cafe is another great all-purpose online resource for teachers for virtually every education niche. In addition to an extensive section for themed lessons, there are also collections of free printable material and strategies.

The theme section allows teachers to choose what type of lesson they would like to cover and provides links to printable materials. The strategies section on the other hand contains lesson plan suggestions and a collection of teaching methodologies as well as links to bring it all together.

4. Lesson Planet

Lesson Planet is available to teachers for a small monthly fee. The content at this online platform ranges from educational apps to prepared lesson plans meant to enhance classroom instruction.

What makes this online resource unique from other resources is the fact that everything provided in it is reviewed by a team of certified teachers. This is to make sure that it meets current-common core and state-standards guidelines (UniCurve). It offers comprehensive teaching resources for both science and math to make planning of lessons much easier.

5. ABC Teach

ABC Teach is a platform that offers many free resources for all grade levels starting with early childhood up through junior high. It also provides membership programs for a more extensive collection of resources.

  • The membership rates to access the full offerings ranges from $25 to $40 per year.
  • The free options include ABC activities, over 5,000+ printables and worksheets for the core subjects, theme units, holidays, reading comprehension, languages/ESL, teaching extras, videos and much more.