Top Masters In Project Management

As commission levels increase and demand rises accordingly, a number of universities have committed to offering very strong MBA programs with an emphasis in project management.

Though it was once perceived to be one of the least desirable positions with any business, project management has quickly transformed into one of the hottest careers in the business and management field. That’s largely due to changing economic times, which now demand professionals who can oversee projects that range from R&D to corporate downsizing.

Of the many universities with this innovative program nationwide, a few stand out as the best o the best. Several online programs are at the top of their class, while many traditional universities offer competitive MBA programs that will draw students from around the country.

The five programs below should be in the “must apply” list for any serious student in search of a quality Project Management degree.

1. Capella University

Capella University is one of the most established all-online institutions in the United States, with an explicit focus on things like management, information systems, and technology degrees. That reputation really boosts their MBA in Project Management, which is one of the best online degrees available. The university encourages collaboration between students with innovative online software applications, and employs some of the most experienced professors at any university.

With the right combination of experienced professors, collaboration with fellow students, and accelerated progress, Capella University is a strong option for anyone in the market for an MBA in Project Management.

2. University of Colorado: Colorado Springs

The University of Colorado stands out as one of the best public universities in the western part of the country, and the Colorado Springs campus is one that is both quite popular and quite innovative. The MBA program at UCCS contains a concentration in project management that is open to all students within the MBA degree path, and it combines a few great elements.

Those who find themselves in this program after a stringent application process will have access to industry-leading internships and professors, almost all of whom are experienced in project management and in the industry at large. With a level of academic prestige that is admirable in Colorado, graduates will also have the right networking connections to land a great job after completion.

3. Southern New Hampshire University

Though it’s definitely less well known than the likes of UCCS, Southern New Hampshire University has a strong Project Management program within its business school. Interestingly, the program does not require the GMAT or GRE in order for students to gain admission. It has received a number of awards, including the “Best of Business” award from accreditation organizations in business.

Southern New Hampshire University is also a registered education provider, or R.E.P., with the Project Management Institute. That gives its degree a pretty high level of clout that is hard to find both online and off. And, speaking of online, this MBA in Project Management program can be completed entirely online without any in-person instruction required.

4. University of Texas at Dallas

Students at the University of Texas have the option of pursuing Project Management either as a Master’s of Business Administration or as a Master’s of Science. Generally, academic advisors and industry sources recommend that students waive the M.S. and opt instead for the MBA, which carries a bit more weight among businesses in general. As part of the program, UT students will engage with experienced professors and pursue internships in the field.

At the end of the two-year program, graduates will have job experience, a leading MBA degree, and connections with seasoned professionals and professors who can help them start their career in the field. That’s a pretty good way to finish at any school.

5. Florida Institute of Technology

The Florida Institute of Technology is one of the few colleges that allows its students to accelerate their degree program and earn their MBA in less than two years. Even with the extensive Project Management concentration at the school, students can find themselves out in the real world, competing for jobs, in as little as 18 months after they initially enrolled in the program.

FIT’s program in Project Management is relatively standard, with excellent management courses and real world experience that combine to deliver a well-rounded education. The school has been recognized by sources like Princeton Review and others for having one of the best MBA products online or offline, making it a great value and a no-brainer for many students.

Excellent Programs for a Wide Spectrum of Students

With everything from traditional campuses to distance learning programs, the universities mentioned above are easily the strongest option for students who are looking for a highly marketable degree. With management curriculum and hands-on experience, as well as some of the leading faculty nationwide, graduates will find themselves armed with everything they need to beat the economy and land a great job.